Saturday, January 04, 2014

Diari 2014

Hi =)

So, it's 2014. Everyone should have new resolutions to make. Although your new resolution might be to accomplish your old resolution, but still it's a resolution.

 I kept hearing or reading it somewhere that to jot down what you want to do could somehow help you to achieve it. And plus, I had once watched a video about a guy who wrote 100 things he wishes to do and he got them one by one. It's pretty cool coz what he wished for were big things that he could never get if he didn't work hard to get them. 

So, for this you going to need a diary. Now, I would like to introduce you guys with a website called Diary Malaysia.

What's Diari Malaysia?
Diary Malaysia is a supplier of custom-made and ready-made diaries, personal organizers, notebooks, folders, folios and daily planners in Malaysia. 

They offer diaries, personal organizers and daily planners from a wide range of sizes and styles from PU leather to hard-board covers to soft leathers. And they also provide custom made diary if you want it in your own style.

But, if you want your diary to be like more 'sempoi-sempoi', you might also try 'buku nota' from I discovered this website from a quite famous blogger. Since I am a cat lover, I must say I couldn't resist myself from falling in love at the first sight with it. Planning to get at least one of their collections for myself soon.


So, that's all. May all our wishes come true this year.

p/s: I shall not be reliable for any deal made with the respective website. Buy at your own risk.


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