Sunday, January 19, 2014

1st Mini Giveaway By Ainim Rashihah

Hi =)

Sebelum ni selalu tengok je orang join segmen blog, giveaway,etc. Kali ni rasa nak join segmen-segmen blog yang ada. Macam best je, kan? Tak menang pun tak ape, at least dapat something dari segmen yang dijoin. So, this is going to be the first mini giveaway that I join which is ' 1st Mini Giveaway By Ainim Rashihah'.

Buat pertama kalinya, blog ini menganjurkan giveaway sempena menghargai para pengikut dan juga pembaca blog Ainim Rashihah. Sebagai salah satu usaha untuk menghargai sokongan kalian semua, Ainim nak adakan giveaway pertama blog ini.

Semua orang boleh sertai giveaway ini, tapi kenalah ikut syarat-syarat berikut:

1. Follow blog Ainim Rashihah, Add To Circle Google+ Ainimsuju, Follow Twitter Ainimsuju dan Like Fanpage Blog Ainim Rashihah
2. Buat satu entri bertajuk 1st Mini Giveaway by Ainim Rashihah
3. Copy coding yang telah disediakan dan paste kan ke dalam ruangan HTML dan Publish entri.
4. Tinggalkan URL entri kalian ke dalam ruangan komen ini.
5. Tarikh tamat giveaway ini ialah pada 30 Januari 2014.

Pemenang akan diumum pada 6 Februari 2014 dan pemilihan pemenang adalah melalui

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Don't Yell At Your Kids!

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It's a bit strange for me to talk about parenting guide, tips and etc. as I'm not even close to that stage yet. Although I am at the right age to be one, (well my mom already had my elder sister at my age now considering she got married at a pretty young age.), plus I have some friends that get married right after we graduated and there were even uni-mate (university mate) that brought their baby along to class! (pregnant).

But, from a child's point of view, I also have something to say. Sometimes when I thought there was something wrong with what my mom did, I just told myself, maybe I thought that way because I've never been a mom, I don't know what my mom felt or maybe I'm going to do just the exact way what my mom did when I become a mom. Don't get me wrong, I love my mom, I mean who don't, right?

While replying message from a customer, I found an article about parenting where a sentence from it did caught my attention.

Bayangkan sesuatu yang kita tidak tahu tetapi kita dipaksa buat sedangkan kita sepatutnya diajar terlebih dahulu dengan baik

This sentence really express what I felt all this long. I mean I really can't accept when people say, " Takkan tu pun tak tahu." for a thing that we really don't know how to do it. For example, we eat everyday, yes. But do we know every recipe for food that we eat? Can we just simply know how to cook food just by looking at how other people did it? Well, for me no. Especially when we never did it.

Well, for a kid, they came to the world with zero knowledge. Surrounding, parents, brother, sister, people around them, etc., these are their sources to learn something new. I remember about a story I read from a book wrote by Ustaz Hasrizal, the compilation book of Aku Terima Nikahnya, that tell about his son/daughter (I don't really remember), that wanted to help him cleaning the floor, so they just simply poured the water from the whole bucket instead of using a mop. Well, if I am tired, I think I would be angry too.

But, if we did so, what would happen to the child? They would think "What did I do?", "I just want to help", "I'm trying my best to help my parents, and yet, in return they scold me?" And just imagine the long-term effect that would come out of this. The child might not want to help anymore in the future. Well, the child did something wrong, but that is simply because they don't know how to do it.

I know I might scold my kids one day, from mistakes they did because they don't know how-to. But, I hope when I do it, I would remember back what is felt by a child that genuinely try to help as best as they could with limited knowledge they have. 

Credit: Facebook page Ibubapa Cemerlang


Sunday, January 12, 2014

January's target

Facts known generally, a target must based on the following principles;

S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Achievable
R - Realistic
T - Time

So, for this month, I would like to make at least 3 sales per day.

Mission: Make sales at least 3 sales in a day
Time: 30 days starting from 13/01/2014 - 11/02/2014
Achievement: If I somehow made this happen, I'm gonna get net profit about RM1080.

Hopefully I can do this. 

Me: Hey, goodluck!


Bandingan (derma) orang-orang yang membelanjakan hartanya pada jalan Allah, ialah sama seperti sebiji benih yang tumbuh menerbitkan tujuh tangkai; tiap-tiap tangkai itu pula mengandungi seratus biji. Dan (ingatlah), Allah akan melipatgandakan pahala bagi sesiapa yang dikehendakiNya, dan Allah Maha Luas (rahmat) kurniaNya, lagi Meliputi ilmu pengetahuanNya.”
(Albaqarah: 261)

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Resepi Bubur Kacang Hijau

Hi =)

Bubur kacang hijau, salah satu resepi yang sangat-sangat simple nak buat dan sedap dimakan. So, nak share sikit cara-cara nak masak bubur ni. Pernah buat sekali je tapi tak jadi sebab salah teknik. Dah ikut betul-betul macam dalam resepi tapi kacang macam tak berapa nak lembut sangat, haha. Nak tahu sebab apa? Ha, kena baca sampai habis.

Kalau taip kat google tu macam-macam jenis cara ada. Ada yang tambah sagu, ada yang tambah durian. Terpulang pada selera masing-masing lah nak yang rasa macam mana tapi basic dia sama je.

Kacang hijau
Gula perang @ gula melaka
daun pandan

Ada dua cara korang boleh pakai untuk masak bubur ni. First, korang boleh rendam dulu kacang hijau tu sampai dia jadi lembut, baru korang masak. Atau boleh ikut cara kedua ni;

Masukkan kacang hijau bersama air ke dalam periuk. Air tu letak kasi tenggelam kacang hijau tu. Masak sampai kacang jadi empuk.

Bila kacang hijau tadi tu dah empuk, masukkan santan, gula melaka, garam dan daun pandan.

Dah siap.=)

1. Pastikan kacang hijau tu empuk dulu baru masukkan santan. Masa aku buat tu, kacang tak empuk betul-betul lagi aku dah kalut masukkan santan. Dua jam tunggu kacang maintain je tak lembut-lembut. Masa masak tu mak aku takde kat rumah, so main bedal je la kan. Mak aku cakap bila dah masukkan santan, kacang hijau tu takkan lembut lagi dah. So, make sure kacang lembut dulu baru korang masukkan santan.
2. Jangan kasi pekat sangat sebab bila sejuk, kacang tu akan meresap kuahnya tu. Nanti jadi makin pekat pulak.
3. Bila kacang dah empuk, sebelum tambah bahan-bahan lain, tambah lagi sikit air supaya ada kuahnya nanti. Tapi bergantung la, kalau air macam banyak lagi takyah la tambah. Ikut keadaan korang.

Simple kan? Tak reti masak pun, kalau try buat, insyaallah jadi =). Boleh dimakan panas-panas atau sejuk. Kalau tak habis, boleh buat aiskrim 20 sen tu.

Selamat mencuba.

Sunday, January 05, 2014


Hi =)

When I was small, I used to play at 'bawah rumah' like a LOT. My grandma (I lived with my grandma when I was a kid) dislike that fact of me always playing 'bawah rumah' coz she can't see me so she didn't know what I was doing, was I really playing down there or she just thought I was. So to solve it, she always scared me with that word, 'bokbong'.

Well, to be honest, her plan was quite smart coz I did fell for her trick. I don't know why but when I heard that word, the first thing that come to my mind is, 'bokbong is a ghost', although my grandma never say so. And the funnier part (to me) is that, I only discovered that 'bokbong' is actually an animal when I have already grown up and don't play at 'bawah rumah' anymore. I do not remember the exact way how I found it out, but I finally know it somehow.

source: thecintadiary

So, that's how it looks like.

When I was searching for the image, I found a website called I don't know what it does but a sentence did caught my attention.

What is the origin of name Bokbong? Probably Japan or Malaysia.

The answer is Malaysia.


Saturday, January 04, 2014

2013 recap

Hi =)

Sweet memory: Finally graduated. Yeay!

Bad memory: Final Year Project. It was hectic and tiring. Glad to finish it in the way it's supposed to be.

Favourite drama: Love You Mr.Arrogant. (LYMA). (The only Malay drama that I watched more than one time)

Biggest wish: I really hope my small online business would keep getting better. I always dream to have my own shop one day, a place where I could 'lepak-lepak' while doing thing that I currently in love, Business.

It's the best thing to have your passion as your job. Although it has nothing to do with 'Bio-science thingy', at least I'm doing what I want to do.

That's all. Nothing much. Owwx3.. One more thing.

Pet of the year: CAT. Always will be.


Diari 2014

Hi =)

So, it's 2014. Everyone should have new resolutions to make. Although your new resolution might be to accomplish your old resolution, but still it's a resolution.

 I kept hearing or reading it somewhere that to jot down what you want to do could somehow help you to achieve it. And plus, I had once watched a video about a guy who wrote 100 things he wishes to do and he got them one by one. It's pretty cool coz what he wished for were big things that he could never get if he didn't work hard to get them. 

So, for this you going to need a diary. Now, I would like to introduce you guys with a website called Diary Malaysia.

What's Diari Malaysia?
Diary Malaysia is a supplier of custom-made and ready-made diaries, personal organizers, notebooks, folders, folios and daily planners in Malaysia. 

They offer diaries, personal organizers and daily planners from a wide range of sizes and styles from PU leather to hard-board covers to soft leathers. And they also provide custom made diary if you want it in your own style.

But, if you want your diary to be like more 'sempoi-sempoi', you might also try 'buku nota' from I discovered this website from a quite famous blogger. Since I am a cat lover, I must say I couldn't resist myself from falling in love at the first sight with it. Planning to get at least one of their collections for myself soon.


So, that's all. May all our wishes come true this year.

p/s: I shall not be reliable for any deal made with the respective website. Buy at your own risk.


The Best Feelings In The World

I'll pick the last one, ' Waking up in the morning and actually feeling like you had enough sleep'

What yours?


Welcome 2014!

" Biar muka buruk, jangan buruk perangai. "